The Ode Race Series

Something for Everyone

Featuring the Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra, Our races treat you to some of the most beautiful venues you can find for endurance sports.  You can make the races as challenging as you wish.  Trail, Road, Gravel and more.  We strive to create the best race vibe you can experience. Become one of the Ode family! Stay in touch by joining our Facebook group.


Upcoming Races

Perfect PR Backyard Ultra: May 18, 2024, Clarkston, MI
The race where you can test your limits on the world’s flattest, smoothest backyard course.  World records can fall here!  Enjoy the course side camping and family-friendly activities on land and water at Independence Oaks Park in Clarkston, MI

Impossibleman: July 19, 2024, Holly, MI
This fun and potentially challenging triathlon fits any race or training calendar. You decide how far you go, and how hard you work. We’ll make it one of the best racing experiences you’ll ever have. Complete 7 tri’s for the iron-distance in 14 hours and you win money and fame (ok, not fame, but $100 and free racing)

Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra: July 20, 2024, Holly, MI
Escape the heat and join us at our beautiful venue for the Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra event. Run the Stairway 5k Sunday too if you’re crewing, spectating, or you’ve finished the Ode backyard. This premier backyard follows the traditional theme of Lazarus Lake’s original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra.

Stairway to Hell 5k:
Stairway to Heaven 5k: both July 21, 2024, Holly, MI
Try the hardest 5k in Michigan, or enjoy one of the most beautiful.
Heck, do both! You’ll experience the famous stairway to heaven on 
the Ode to Laz trail. Get the medal, conquer the stairs!

8 Hours of Ode: January 18, 2024continuously, Holly, MI
Pick your favorite distance or run as much as you’d like, up to 8 hours on the famous Ode to Laz trail loop, starting each hour “Backyard Style”. Run continuously if you like that better, as far as you can in 8 hours.