The Ode Race Series

Something for Everyone

Featuring the Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra, Our races treat you to some of the most beautiful venues you can find for endurance sports.  You can make the races as challenging as you wish.  Trail, Road, Gravel and more.  We strive to create the best race vibe you can experience. Become one of the Ode family!


Upcoming Races

The Ode Triple Play: July 9, 2021, Holly, MI
4.17 to 12.5 miles on the beautiful Ode to Laz trail loop – run free if you volunteer for any of our races. 

Ode to Laz Backyard Ultra: July 10, 2021, Holly, MI
Escape the heat and join us at our beautiful venue for the Ode to Laz Michigan Backyard Ultra event. The Golden Ticket event will follow the traditional theme of Lazarus Lake’s original Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra.

The Ode Goes to 11: July 11, 2021, Holly, MI
Hit the gravel on your bike of choice. Anything from a beautiful tree canopied 13 mile loop to an all day Ultra suffer fest. Make this as challenging as you’d like, and visit the festive pit area every loop for convenience