Ode to Laz Race Series offers a wide range of course from trail, road, and gravel to explore the amazing area of Michigan. 

Trail Loop

The Ode to Laz trail loop is one of the most beautiful and challenging woodland trail runs you will find.  Of course we have a yellow park gate!  Pass it before enjoying beautiful views of Wildwood lake.  The ‘stairway to heaven’ links you to the relaxing Wilderness trail out-and-back.  Descend again and cross Fisherman’s Bridge as you wind south to circle the peaceful Valley Lake.  Enjoy more canopy covered woodland single-track on the return to Wildwood lake.  Road shoes work in the driest conditions.  Restrooms are available at 3 start locations.

Road Course

For our night racing, the out-and-back on the closed park road is a perfect and peaceful course.  Rolling hills and curves keep you entertained, and awake, as you make the journey from Wildwood lake to beautiful night views at Fisherman’s Bridge and back again.  The park is closed after 10pm to all patrons, so it’s just us!  Before 10pm, there is light traffic on the 25mph internal park road while you learn the route and get ready for the night!  Restrooms are available at the start/finish. 

Ode Goes to 11 Courses

Enjoy the farms and countryside views on our challenging but fast gravel course.  These roads are lightly traveled by local residents and you will only touch asphalt for a quarter mile midway through the loop.  There is a mix of sun and shade with scenic tree canopies and a few hills to keep you honest.  The main loop is 11 miles, but we have a 10 miler in case you’d like to back off a bit, or a 12 miler for those of you feeling your oats.  Mix and match as you’d like, just finish every loop within the hour to stay in the race.  Stop when you’ve had enough.  Roads are open to traffic, so we recommend riding lights.  Can you last for 11 hours?

“Well it’s one louder, isn’t it?  It’s not ten.”……”These go to eleven.”  —- Nigel Tufnel – 1984