Racer/Crew Information

Be prepare on race weekend and known all the information. Below you will find answers to most of your questions and the race guide. 


“Our collective safety is paramount.  Do not attend a race if you are sick or have been exposed to COVID or other infection.  Our races will follow all park regulations and state gathering rules.  All attendees must be able to answer NO to all questions on this questionnaire and pass a temperature screening to gain entry.  All non-racers must follow outdoor social distancing guidelines and wear masks when using facilities or in contact with non-household members.

General Info/Rules
  • Day loops use trail course, Night loops use park road course
  • Park road is closed to vehicles from 10 pm to approx. 6 am
  • Crew may assist runner only at start finish, no spectator assistance on course
  • Crew may leave park and return as needed (private night entrance is available)
  • Runners may not use pacers in backyard format races
  • Restrooms are available, entering restroom and returning to course is legal any time
  • Trekking poles prohibited, light required for 8pm trail loop and all road loops
  • Headphones prohibited on trails, discouraged on road
  • Vests, Packs, Shoe traction devices are allowed; phones encouraged
  • Visible number display is mandatory
Parking, Start/Finish & Pit Area


  • First 100 racers guaranteed start/finish parking. Auxiliary parking ¾ mile away.
  • Coolers/Food/Beverages are allowed, but no glass containers.
  • No food sold on site. Grocery and convenience stores are nearby. (see racer guide)
  • Racers will have space adjacent the start/finish for a chair and small cooler.
  • Racers may bring one canopy or shade, 10’x10’ max (first come basis)
  • Please bring proper tie downs for safety, and a ground tarp to protect the grass
  • Camping, enclosed tents, or car camping are prohibited at start/finish
  • No power is available. Bring power blocks or generators with 100’ extensions
  • Standard restrooms are available at the start/finish area.

70's Costume Contest (Runners/Crew/Spectators)
  • Have fun, win extra prize
    • Crew/Spectators, have fun all day and night in 70’s clothes
  • Runners: Wear your gear continuous from the start to win at the Ode to Laz BY Ultra
    • $200 cash prize for maximum continuous distance in costume
    • Mandatory: White socks with stripes, 70’s style
    • Mandatory: Terry headband and/or terry wristbands
    • Mandatory: 70’s looking shorts, shirt if you’re wearing one, tech fabric OK
    • Modern shoes, watches, and other gear is OK
    • Cool 70’s glasses not required, but they are stylish!

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